Once you are pregnant, it is important to take care of yourself emotionally and physically more than ever. Taking good care of yourself can increase the possibility of having no problem during pregnancy and child-birth and can help the baby to be healthy.

Let us examine some guidelines that can help you to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Early antenatal care

Early antenatal care is beneficial to both the mother and the baby because this will help you to have conversation with your healthcare provider about how you are feeling and what you re experiencing during pregnancy. They will be able to detect any complications that might want to set in and advice you on ways to avoid such so as to maintain a healthy pregnancy. You will also get advice on better parenting.

Watch what dangers

During pregnancy its important to eat nutritious foods, because your body needs extra calories every day. Consume food that contains much of calcium and protein.

Your body need enough iron during pregnancy to make extra blood for you and the baby, so consume much of iron food to help you and your baby to grow healthy.

It’s important to eat food that contains fiber, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C and potassium because it helps prevent constipation, and help to reduced the risk of low birth weight.

Take antenatal vitamins

Since your body requires extra iron during pregnancy, take antenatal supplements that contain more folic and iron to help boost hemoglobin for you and the baby.

Do regularly exercises

It is notice that you will gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, regular and good fitness can give you the strength and endurance to carry the weight. It can also prevent pains and aches. It improve circulation of blood in the leg. Exercise can give you the better shape you want after birth.

Have a good rest

To avoid fatigue it is important for pregnant women to get enough rest in the first three and last three-month of the pregnancy. Try to put your feet up when lying down. Getting enough rest can help to maintain a good pregnancy

Do not drink alcohol

This because drinking alcohol during pregnancy can increase the chance of having a low birth weight and also increase your child’s risk for problems such as learning to speak, speaking fluently, attention span, and having hypertension.

Also any drink you take reaches your baby’s bloodstream which will increase the baby’s blood alcohol than that of the mother. Drinking alcohol can make the baby to have fetal alcohol syndrome, which could lead to problems such as growth retardation and heart defects. Taking alcohol can lead to miscarriage. To maintain a healthy pregnancy shun alcohol

Abstain from all illicit drugs

Taking illicit drugs like cocaine and marijuana can increase the risk of growth retardation and premature delivery because the drugs gets to the baby’s bloodstream. To ensure your safety and that of the baby talk to your healthcare provider for advice if you have drugs problem.

Do not smoke during pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy can cause premature birth and low birth weight. If you have smoking problem talk to your healthcare provider for advice so as to have a healthy pregnancy. If you are a nonsmoker do not stay near people who are smoking to avoid secondhand smoke.

Avoid environmental dangers

Do not involve yourself in had labour during pregnancy so that you do not stress your self and the baby. If your workplace expose you to chemicals that are hazardous to your health and your baby, stop going there during pregnancy to help you and your baby. Talk to your healthcare provider for advice on how to avoid environmental hazards

Learn to control your emotions

Pregnancy will bring much changes to the you which can affect how you feel about yourself. Try never to allow negative thoughts to influence your emotions. Do not overreact when there is a problem.

It’s natural to feel bad when there is problem but don’t let the problem to control. Also talk to emotional expert for help on how to control your emotions.

Heeding the above guidelines can lead to a successful pregnancy. Happy new life zone.


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