How to write papers for first-time students

This article is for students who come to graduate school and write their first thesis. I started out with my writing skills, which embarrassed my advisor 20 years ago. Students who do not pay attention to “writing” and write articles that care enough about the research content are graduated from graduate school. Professor’s fate is with students who write their papers for the first time every year. I want to make it easier. 

Now, the results of the research are beginning to emerge. The results are quite good. My supervisor asks me to write a paper. Let’s start with the title. The title is too general, so you should not look too hard to solve a problem or know what you are doing. Make sure that the problem / solution is complete. I will try to put the key words in the paper on the board and express the relationship between the words. The sentence graph is expressed in sentence. Let’s not dream about the wonderful titles of characters / monsters / events in Greek mythology like native English speakers. Let’s focus on creating a title that expresses well what I did. If you have multiple titles, do not throw them away, but keep them until you write them down. I might look better again.

Some people think that the article should be written as “paper pencil”, is it really a time to write down the paper to eat or write down a pen with a pen on the paper? At that time, there were only a few places to view the manuscripts that were written, time constraints, and one or two people could eventually give feedback. The paper was too expensive, and it was hard to repair the contents many times, so I would have written a few articles that could “bend over”. The 21st century is an era where everyone writes and publishes “self-publishing” online.  Thesis is “creation”, but it is “map” which summarizes “thought” from “problem” to “conclusion”.  Rather than writing it all at once, rather than finishing it,  you can  write it down and then edit it to get a “map”. You do not need to adjust yourself. It’s a time when co-authors work together. You have to throw a “job” that you can add to other people unconditionally.

If you sit down to write it, it will be a pain to know where to start. Because it is an article, the introduction, the main point, the conclusion must be, but the intro is actually the most difficult paragraph to write. First, let’s break down the conclusion, and let’s break down the content that needs to be included. One section that explains what the problem is. I’ve come up with some ideas like this for a solution, but it’s still one of those ideas. That’s what I like compared to other existing methods. Let ‘s just keep a line of words that should be separated in this way. Then sort out the order of the words. If the order is caught, the papers will begin to show the frame.

Next, release the words in sentences. With so called full sentence. Not just “simulation with xx and yy” but “We run a set of simulations against xx and yy and show zzz.” It will be released like this. Put the words in the research into a sentence. If these sentences are really well organized, they will be the first sentences of the paragraphs to be entered into the section.

Okay, so far I have not been thinking “mechanically” so why not? I do not need to worry about where to begin. It should not be too difficult because there is a logical development that I have been thinking about in my research. But it’s hard to do it the first time. Twenty years ago, when I wrote my first paper, I came to this place. Now I do it mechanically. I’m nagging students to say I can do it mechanically. When I first wrote it, it was hard. But if you do it once or twice, it gets better and easier. cheer up.

As an advisor, I would like to see the “skeleton”, which has only a few sentences per section, about two months before the paper deadline. I do not know if there are too obvious sentences, and there are many things missing, but I am relieved that the student started to work on the paper.

For the next month, you will have to fill up the skeleton-only section. Of course it is not easy because the experiment is not over. Experiments are urgent and graph writing is in a hurry, so writing is always delayed. But thesis work is really important. When you write a paper, you may not need the experiment you thought was urgent, but you may add one or two experiments that you did not. Do not just experiment, be sure to do it. The essay of the thesis is what you did, so you can think of it as a “core dump” that reveals the contents of the  head. Once you have “core dump”, you can order and duplicate content from that point, and you can take out the missing content and fill in the empty space. Advisors and co-authors can help. It is too late to start writing after the experiment and after the result.

It is very uncomfortable. I have met every week over the last few months to report on the progress of the research, and I thought I knew what was going to be in the paper, but sometimes I could not keep up with the logic development when the student wrote the paper. The importance of the picture in my mind and the content of the thesis considered by the student is different. That is nine if it is open. Even if you look at the “skeleton”, if you read the papers you wrote about, you really think differently from me. Writing style also has a big influence. Some student styles are so plain and drowsy, and some students do not even know what they are talking about. Most of the students in our country are “unfriendly” and “tail” on the tail with their tail on their hands. “… of … on … in terms of … due to ….” I will not. So I want you to write it down and give it to the professor. At least a month ago. Even if the contents are not complete, I can start organizing the contents. So that we can sort out what we “did” and what “M” did before, work on what is still left, and how it will affect our conclusions. If you do not write it in your paper while doing your research, you may or may not know. But the papers in the computer field are double-column 10pt, shortly from 9 to 12. It is 8000-12,000 words. Single-column, double-space will exceed 20. Short stories from the literary nominees are usually 5, Less than 000 words, up to 17,000 words. You have to write more than a few short stories. It is not a sheep that can be used overnight. Authors are hard to memorize where to go. “Core dump” requires more than 50% of the content to help the professor work on the paper. Organize the terms, introduce some concepts, what conclusions should be emphasized, and so on.

In any case, we can write down what we are doing well. But the introduction and related research sections are a bit difficult. First of all. This section is often written in foreign countries by your advisor. Fortunately, the introduction of computer science articles is “formulaic”. You can write it according to the formula. The first paragraph shows what a trend these days are, and the big picture. In the second paragraph, I narrow down the scope a bit and tell what direction my field is heading. In the third paragraph, I set the problem that this is a problem that needs to be solved. In the fourth paragraph, I describe how I defined and solved the problem in this paper. In the last paragraph, we put the roadmap of the thesis. Read only the introductory papers of famous papers. I wrote back the back to the formula. Even though it is the same formula, it feels different to the reader. Even if I know this formula, I am troubled at what angle to start.

Introduction is really important. This is because the reviewers read the introductory text and get some sense of the thesis. You can see from the introduction how much “sense” the authors have.  It was only a week after I graduated and spent many years studying other people’s articles. Even if it does not make the problem, it should write to the readers that the problem was not solved until now, even if it is not up to the hacking debt that Kim said like Kim Sun – dal. It is not easy. When first writing paper,  Introduction to the consultation as other authors and professors sseulji decide what each paragraph  write  better.   I do not have any more information on how to write about the introduction.

Next, related research section. The related research section should boast of a wealth of knowledge that you have studied a lot. But do not put it down like a generic gift set. Compressed to two or three subjects, we have little or no connection with the contents of our related papers and our research. It is important to write “Pyeong” with “my color”, though it is not as difficult as it used to be in the world where you can easily look at the number of citations and evaluate the specific papers in these papers. It is good to write this section a bit while studying. In a way that sees and organizes related papers together.

I think the professor will be very happy when the first draft comes out one month before the deadline, including the introduction, the main point, and the related research section. There were students who wrote the papers in advance. Not much. For a professor who can not forget happy memories, reality is usually dark.

The conclusions and summaries are almost mechanical. In the worst case, a third party who has never worked on a paper can read and write what has been written so far. The conclusion is that there is a need for third parties to write about how to develop the study in the future, but it is still necessary to summarize the contents of the paper, to explain how to interpret the results of this paper, If you are a student in the same lab, you can just try it out. Except others’ conclusions, read the conclusions. The style may be quite different, but whether the content is invisible or not, I sort of like this, but it seems interesting to compare how the authors interpreted it. 

A summary can be created by collecting key sentences from the thesis of a paper if it is urgent. Most of the third and fourth paragraphs of the introduction go into the summary, and when you list the main sentences of each section, you turn off the urgent fire. However, if you are a keen reviewer, he complains that he wrote the sentences that he picked up in his theses and papers like a pincer and wrote it without his sex. No more, no less. In this paper, write down what you have solved and what the results are good. I think this is the way to use it in a hurry, but in fact, there are a lot of academic societies that have to register a week before the abstract in the field of computation, so I have to write a summary before the paper is completed. The summary is important because it is used for reviewer assignments, but you can modify it when submitting your final thesis, so do not worry too much.

First paper. When I first wrote my thesis 20 years ago, I can not forget the feeling that my eyes were white and thick. I hope this article will help you a little bit more.