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Some people are into minimalism and the less is more approach. I am not one of those people. I like excess and colors and layers. I appreciate minimalism on other people, but that’s not me. It’s like they say: You do you and I’m going to do me.

This summer I’m really into the bohemian style with lots of jewelry. I think they look really cool. There’s something magic about having lots of rings stacked on your fingers and bracelets dangling on your wrists. It gives me this wonderful feeling of having a superpower – like I can do things I couldn’t normally.

Guide To Stacking Jewelry, how to wear rings, green stone rings
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Your Definitive Guide To Stacking Jewelry, how to wear lost of rings and bracelets at once
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how to wear multiple pieces of jewelry at once,bohemian style

Moving through people with your own sound (the clinking and chiming of all your jewelry) it’s just like leaving an audible perfume trail. It’s going to turn heads. Not that I’m particularly aiming for that. It just happens :))))).
Stacking rings on your fingers it’s an art in itself. You have to make sure they look good together. The stacking of jewelry needs a balance. How to wear multiple pieces of jewelry at once without looking like you pilfered a costume jewelry store or your grandma jewelry box is not easy. It’s all about geometry and proportions. Otherwise you’ll end up looking like an extra in a rap video.

Adriana Lima looking glamorous with lots of diamonds jewelry on
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Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to stack your rings, bracelets and necklaces that I learned by trial and error through years of layering jewelry on myself:
      When in doubt stick with one metal color. Pick either gold or silver and go from there. Either of them work great with contrast colors, bohemian pieces with gemstones and jewels. Silver jewelry and blue stones are a classic. Gold with black or green is a sure thing too.
      If you feel confident, ignore the first rule and mix metals and textures for a personalized result. Different shades of gold can play off one another, pick up the light differently and look really beautiful mixed with colorful stones and different ring settings.
       Center everything around one or two statement pieces. Right now I’m particularly obsessed with this ring so I would pile and anchor any other pieces I’d choose starting from and around it. This also works if you have a piece that you never take off, something that has sentimental value.
     Mix and experiment with shapes, lines and different sized rings. Combining small, delicate rings with massive pieces, knuckle rings, or girly, feminine rings with rock&roll rings, always looks cool. Piling up horizontal and vertical rings will create the illusion that you didn’t go overboard and added one too many pieces on your fingers. Anything that involves a contrasting effect will work.
      Combine vintage pieces with trendy rings, retro or classic pieces with modern jewelry, the mix of old and new will look interesting
       Wear more of the same: I really love the Wonder Woman look – two identical bracelets worn on each of your wrists. Multiple, identical slim rings on different fingers can look really good too. Those midi rings are especially stackable and great to mix in with more elaborate jewelry.
       If you’re not sure how to keep a balance between proportions, keep it simple by only mixing the same size rings: either slender rings with delicate stones or big, statement rings worn together. This works especially with necklaces. I feel that wearing delicate necklaces of different lengths with simple but interesting details looks amazing. Combining big statement necklaces can get sloppy really fast unless you’re a pro.
       Juxtaposition is key – I like to leave some of my fingers bare or adorned with something really small and simple, while stacking multiple rings on other fingers. It’s all about creating that effortless feel – like you didn’t try too hard. The negative space will keep things from getting too symmetrical and boring.
       You can add rings and bracelets to both your hands (I prefer that because I’m all about go big or go home) or stack your jewelry on just one of your hands (if you’re not there yet :)))).
       Add a watch into the mix when piling on your bracelets
     Try different combinations of rings and move them around your fingers until you are happy with the results

Alessandra Ambrosio Guide To Stacking Jewelry, how to layer and wear multiple necklaces
tips and tricks on how to stack your rings, step by step Guide To Stacking Jewelry

tips and tricks on how to stack your rings, the truth about layering jewelry
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tips and tricks on how to stack your rings, rock&roll jewelry
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How do you feel about jewelry? Are they important for your look or not so much?