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Nothing much surprises me anymore, but I still get startled by people saying things like: “I don’t really listen to music” or “I don’t like music all that much.” It’s like saying air is not all that high on your list of priorities. To each his own, but if you’re one of those people, we’re probably not going to be best friends.

That being said, I appreciate companies that choose to support music and musicians. There are so many immensely talented people in the world that never get to be listened to because they are not given a chance and don’t have the financial support to make it in this business. And the music business it’s a really harsh world to be part of. People get rejected a lot, they get judged not only based on talent, but mainly on appeal, age and the way they look. These things happen to all of us, but not as much as they do to struggling musicians. The more different you are, the more the world harps on you.

And then there’s my passion for infographics – I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to them. We all know that’s the ultimate confirmation I’m into something! Infographics make things so much easier if they’re great. Just like with people, I like them smart and I’m biased towards those that don’t bore me to sleep.

I actually found a perfect example of a great infographic that just happens to combine my love for music and graphics. The subject is not something that could be labeled as being of mass interested – a company shows the touchable results of a great ongoing project through which they’re supporting indie music and artists. It has lots of information that would otherwise be super boring because it’s so particular, but it’s not.

The way all these numbers and graphs are presented is witty and entertaining. All the humor and puzzling comparisons make you read it from top to bottom. The fact that the design itself is simple, focused and easy to follow help as lot to. People making infographics for a living should take notes.

And I didn’t even know the animal whit the the shortest life span on earth is the mayfly. Living just for procreation purposes is indeed very rock and roll. Also sad, but mostly rock and roll!
Scion AV Infographic
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Do you find infographics useful? Do you collect them? Which types of infographics do you find helpful?