FIFA World Cup Hosts, Continents & Winners Since the Inaugural World Cup in 1930

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FIFA World Cup is an International Football tournament that is organised by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). FIFA World Cup is contested by the senior men’s national teams of the members of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). FIFA is an international governing body of association football (soccer). FIFA World Cup was Inaugurated in 1930. Only 13 teams played the first FIFA World Cup in 1930.

Sixteen countries have hosted FIFA World Cup since 1930 to 2014. The tournament has been played twenty (20) times in 16 countries and in 5 different continents of the world. FIFA World Cup is played after the interval 4 years. But World Cup was not held in 1942 and 1946 because of Second World War.

FIFA World Cup

The first FIFA World Cup was hosted by Uruguay in 1930. It was played by 13 national teams. In 1982 the teams that played the World Cup was increased to 24. It was later in 1998 that FIFA extended the participating teams to 32. Since then, there have been some expansions and remodelling which has led to the 32-teams Playing to date. There has also been a qualifying process that always takes place in 2-years before the World Cup year, involving over 200 countries. Host countries have an automatic qualification to play the World Cup tournament. Qualified national teams are always required to register 23-man squad for the competition.

Since the inauguration of the World Cup, twenty (20) FIFA World Cup has been held successfully and has been won by 8 national teams. Brazil happens to be the most successfully National teams with 5 FIFA World Cup titles. Germany the current champions are has won 4 FIFA World Cup titles. Italy has also won 4 World Cup titles 2018 World Cup that will commence on 14 June 2018 will be the 21st World Cup. In all the 5 continents that have hosted World Cup tournament, Europe has the highest number of countries that have hosted World Cup. 7 European countries have hosted 10 of the twenty (20) editions of the competition.

It has also been decided that 3 North American Countries should host the 2026 World Cup. The countries are; the United States, Canada and Mexico. The 2026 FIFA World Cup Will be hosted in 16 cities of the three North American countries. The United States will host ten 10 matches including the quarter-finals, semi-finals and the finals. While Mexico and Canada will also host jointly host 10 matches.

There is this remarkable thing that will happen in the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The FIFA president Gianni Infantino president has confirmed that in the 2016 World Cup that the number of participants will be increased from the 32 teams to 48 teams. The tournament will have 16 groups of 3 teams per group playing the group stage matches. The 2 top teams of each group will progress to the first knockout stage starting with a round of 32. The number of matches that will be played now will increase from 64 to  80. The number of matches that will be played by finalists will still be 7 just like the 32 teams games. The only difference here is that 1 group stage match has been replaced by a knockout stage. The 2026 FIFA World Cup tournament which is 48 teams will also last for 32 days just like the previous 32 teams.

The World Cup is the famous football tournament in the world. It is also the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world. People from different part of the world enjoy the tournament since it involves many continents of the world.

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FIFA World Cup Hosts, Continents and Winners

Sixteen countries have been successful hosts of the twenty (20) World Cups. Europe has the highest number of hosts. The tournament has been hosted 10 times in Europe, 5 times in South America, 3 times in North America, 1 time in Asia and African. Germany, France, Italy and Mexico happened to be the only countries that have host the World Cup twice.

Brazil and Italy have been the only national teams to set the record for winning the FIFA World Cup back to back. Uruguay, Italy, England, Germany and France have the best record of being the hosts and also being the winners FIFA World Cup.

Germany won the 2014 World Cup


Germany has the best World Cup record of participating in all the tournament since the inauguration of the FIFA World Cup in 1930. They also have the best record of progressing to every knockout phase of every World tournament.

This is the order of hosts since the inauguration of FIFA World Cup in 1930;

Year Host Continent Winner
1930  Uruguay South America  Uruguay
1934  Italy Europe  Italy
1938  France Europe  Italy
1942 Canceled because of World War II
1946 Canceled because of World War II
1950  Brazil South America  Uruguay
1954   Switzerland Europe  West Germany
1958  Sweden Europe  Brazil
1962  Chile South America  Brazil
1966  England Europe  England
1970  Mexico North America  Brazil
1974  West Germany Europe  West Germany
1978  Argentina South America  Argentina
1982  Spain Europe  Italy
1986  Mexico North America  Argentina
1990  Italy Europe  West Germany
1994  United States North America  Brazil
1998  France Europe  France
2002  South Korea /  Japan Asia  Brazil
2006  Germany Europe  Italy
2010  South Africa Africa  Spain
2014  Brazil South America  Germany
2018  Russia Europe  France
2022  Qatar Asia
2026  Canada/ Mexico/ United States North America
2030 TBD
2034 TBD


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